About IMES

IMES was founded in March 1945 and now has a healthy membership with a wide age span and varied engineering interests. It is an independent body with an annually elected committee, and is an associate member of the Southern Federation of Model Engineering societies. The society's clubhouse is located at 547 Foxhall Road (behind residential premises 543 and 545 Foxhall Road).

Also located at this site is 350 foot continuous oval track for 3.5 inch and 5 inch gauges, together with steaming bays linked to the main track via a traverser.

The most recent addition to the Club's facilities is a a comprehensive 45mm garden railway, some 430 feet long, dogbone shape, raised track. Part of the 45mm track is double track with the usual passing loops, a turntable, sidings for assembling rolling stock and steaming bays. The track can cater for G scale, Gauge 1 and 16mm narrow gauge, in fact if it will run on 45mm track you are welcome.

The society meets every Tuesday evening between 7pm and 9pm in the clubhouse. This is an opportunity to meet other likeminded people interested in all aspects of model engineering. The club holds within its members a vast array of knowledge enabling experienced and inexperienced alike to share skills and information. Tuesday evening club night offers a chance to speak with other members in an informal atmosphere. The club also arranges informal 'workshops' where small groups can receive training in specialised subjects.

We have members drawn from all walks of life and a variety of occupations. Although the main interest is steam locomotive, all forms of model engineering are encouraged, including traction engines, stationary engines, clocks and general workshop matters. We endeavour to encourage future engineers and welcome younger members, although there is a minimum age of 14 years for juniors.

Anyone interested in the club is invited to attend a Tuesday night meeting and learn more about the society. After a brief period of intoduction prospective members may apply to the committee. If you have any queries regarding Club membership or attending a meeting please feel free to contact the Club Secretary.

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